A.P.E.X. Timesheet Web Application

Project Type: Cloud Solutions

Screenshot of the Timesheet Web ApplicationDescription:

  • Developed a web application for A.P.E.X. LLC to more easily keep track of their coaches’ training times.


  • Coach login
  • Ability for employees to add, edit, delete, and sign off on training hours
  • Ability for employees to view all training programs, including location, Point-of-contact email and Point-of-contact phone number
  • Admin login
  • Ability to track and sort all submitted hours by date
  • Ability to add and edit program information
  • Ability to add and edit employee information
  • User accessibility roles
  • Notification of who has signed off on hours and who hasn’t
  • Different tracking categories



Screenshot of TraditionsTraining.comCompany:

  • Traditions Training is composed of fire department veterans from around the country, including the Washington, D.C. metro area and City of New York.  The mission of Traditions Training is to teach “beyond the book” and provide knowledge and skills that will enhance your safety, efficiency, and knowledge as a firefighter.


  • Integrated Blog
  • Integrated Google Search
  • Constant Contact Integration – event registration
  • Facebook fanbox
  • Integrated YouTube Channel


Project Type: Custom Wordpress Themes

Screenshot of PatriotlwmOutdoors.comCompany:

  • Patriot LWM Outdoors was created to tailor the professionalism and service of Patriot Land and Wildlife Management Services, Inc. to the needs of the outdoor community.


  • Easy to update pages
  • Revolving header images
  • Promotional slideshow
  • Facebook fanbox
  • Graphics designed by Bob Lynch


Project Type: Custom Wordpress Themes

Screenshot of GunCaseBlanket.comProduct:

  • The GunCaseBlanket® is a revolutionary, patent pending guncase that combines superior protection for your firearm with the innovative ability to instantly transform into an extremely quiet, cold weather defying, insulated camouflaged blanket for your hunting comfort.


  • This website was built to showcase the features of the guncaseblanket.
  • Graphic Design by Bob Lynch


  • Easy to update pages
  • Paypal integration



Project Type: Custom Wordpress Themes

Screenshot of FirehousePride.comDescripion:

  • Created an interface to be able to create custom labels for Fire Service products
  • Graphics were designed by Bob Lynch


  • Shopping cart with Paypal integration
  • Facebook fanbox
  • Promotional Slideshow

  • Don't Take Our Word For It

    Traditions Training has relied on the internet technology services of Pat Brown for several years. Pat has aided us in a myriad of technical issues including website design and development, our social media presence, and more. We have always been thankful for Pat’s prompt attention to our concerns, adherence to deadlines, and flexibility. Further, Pat has been great in being able to relate the in’s & out’s of technical issues with some of our “less than tech savvy” employees. We would wholeheartedly recommend his services.

    -Nick Martin - Traditions Training LLC

    Pat Brown has been working with our company for several years and has been a huge aid to our online success. He is professional, personable, and well versed in the web industry. His 24×7 availability and dedication to our company has allowed us to quickly adapt to new technologies and expand our web presence.

    -Joe Brown - Patriot Land & Wildlife Mgmt

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