New WordPress Custom Form and Paid Events Plugins COMING SOON!

After several weeks of long days and short sleep hours, I am finally able to announce that Cross Distinction will be releasing 2 plugins to the WordPress repository sometime over the next 4 weeks or so.  Here’s a brief overview of what you have to look forward to.

WordPress Custom Forms

Imagine a beautiful hybrid between the Custom Contact Forms plugin already on WordPress and Google forms.  The backend interface is very similar to the interface you see on Google forms, allowing you to easily create text, multiple choice, and check box questions, as well as drop down menus.  Questions can also be marked as required.

Highlighted features:

  • Each question allows for a title and help text
  • Questions can be marked as required or not
  • Quickly change question types without losing the data you already entered (want to quickly change your checkboxes to a dropdown? No problem!)
  • Re-order your questions by dragging and dropping them into place
  • Questions are saved on the fly (don’t worry about forgetting to save your question)
  • Easily insert the form into a page using WordPress shortcode

WordPress Paid Events

This plugin utilizes stripe.com to allow you to sell event tickets right on your website.  Everything is managed from your WordPress admin panel.

Highlighted features:

  • Fully integrated shopping cart
  • Customers can quickly add items to their cart and checkout without ever leaving your website
  • Admin are notified when tickets are purchased
  • Customers are automatically emailed tickets that can be printed out
  • Printed tickets can be scanned at the venue entrance via a QR code to allow customers to check in
  • Scanned tickets CANNOT be rescanned
  • Users must be logged into the WordPress admin panel to be able to scan tickets
  • Customers can be offered partial or full refunds
  • Data is sent securely as long as you have an SSL (https address) connection (You need an SSL connection in order to meet PCI security standards)
  • No credit card info will be stored on your site (Stripe.com payments allow data to be stored on Stripe.com’s servers )

If you’re interested in either of these plugins, email me at pat@crossdistinction.com and I will notify you when they’ve been released.  Also, if you’re interested in being part of the beta testing for these plugins, shoot me an email as well.

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