HourCat BETA is Live!

HourCat Simple Time Tracking
HourCat has officially been released in its BETA version.  HourCat is a web application built to make time-tracking much easier.  The application is one of my latest experiments with jQuery Mobile and was built with mobile in mind.

You can easily track your time right from your smart phone.  Because it is a web application, all you need is a web browser to access it.  And don’t worry, the desktop interface is just as easy to use.
HourCat Logo - Simple Time Tracking
You can create as many projects as you want.  To track your time, just login, select your project, your date and your time.

While HourCat is still in its BETA version, all accounts are FREE.  That’s correct…FREE.  The Paid plans (free under the BETA version) allow you to add users to your account.  You can then assign different users to different projects and monitor each user’s timecard.

Here are some of HourCat’s features:

  • Simple Admin Interface
  • Easily Add New Projects
  • Quickly Assign Users to Projects
  • Easily Add, Edit, Delete and Approve Your Timecard
  • Hours Needing Approval Are Highlighted
  • View Detailed Timecard Infromation as an Admin


One thought on “HourCat BETA is Live!

  1. This is great! I have multiple sub-contractors that post in paper work dockets, fill in online form (your simple form plugin) or ring up to submit work info. This could do away with paper job dockets in the civil construction industry with the right options, customisations, features. BRING THOSE OLD TRUCKIES INTO THE 21st CENTURY with the mobile app.

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